motor frame sizes

Motor Frame Sizes

motor frame sizes

Motion Marketplace offers a huge line of chinese motors that a suitable for many different applications. Motion Marketplace's Stepper Chinese Motor product line is the most comprehensive from a single source. The line includes both High-Torque and Permanent Magnet Stepper Chinese Motors. Motion Marketplace's line of Brushless Chinese Motors is designed for high volume OEM applications with low cost being the primary objective. With our line of Brushless Chinese Motors, you are able to choose from a range of sizes and power that come standard, or customize your own Brushless Chinese Motor. Motion Marketplace's line of AC motors are divided into two electrical categories depending on their power source, these categories include: Capacitor Start/Induction Run and Start/Capacitor Run. This line of AC Chinese Motors is designed and suited for most industrial applications. Motion Marketplace's wide selection of Servo Chinese Motors are perfect for motion control designers. These motors range in various sizes and power and can be customized for your application!
If you have any questions about our Chinese Motors or any customization options, please contact our engineers at Motion Marketplace.

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